22 February 2011

If you could wake up anywhere, where would it be?

Part II of my being in love with 
"Fifty People, One Question." 
Creators, whoever you are, wherever you are,
you've done a beautiful thing here. 
The Question: "If You Could Wake Up Anywhere..." 

{answers from Brooklyn, New York} 

The girl with the beautiful turquoise scarf, if only your answer was truly possible. 
I would serve eggs en cocotte au fromage 
{baked eggs with cheese, oh divine holy breakfast!}
with raisin fennel toast and apple butter
{as a homage to my favorite brunch at Brooklyn's Roebling Tea Room}
and the best Scottish breakfast tea outside of Edinburgh.

{answers from London, England} 

To the boy with the shaggy hair, your answer was beautiful and wasn't "shit" at all. 
*After the first initial answer, skip ahead to around 2 minutes 30 to expedite the long musical montages, unless you're into that, of course*

 check out their site and fall in love as I have.

18 February 2011

it will make you laugh, smile, cry, knit your eyebrows together in confusion...

...but ultimately leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that says,
"maybe all of humanity aren't that annoying/evil/obnoxiously-bad-drivers
as you thought previous to viewing this video.
 it also might inspire you to start the book you've been plotting in your head
and forget the 2012 nightmares instilled in you by the media
{at least until glenn beck's next radio program}
*warning: glenn beck is not for the sensitive, loving, or light-hearted.*
 how beautiful is is this video, honestly? 

11 February 2011

happy singles appreciation day.

"Love climbs up and love falls down.
Love can smile and love can frown.
Let they love now smile on mine
And be my own dear Valentine."

Dear readers, enjoy this weekend with your loved ones! I would love to hear about any and all romantic adventures partaken of! 

Some amazing inspirations recently discovered: 

dying to renew my 2009 resolution to only wear dresses and skirts
{these are perfect for the spring adventures i plan on having!} 

wanting to buy this as my valentine's day gift to myself

still obsessing over Iceland wanderlust and these amazing photos

the sweetest, most darling photographs by laura fleishman of couples who have been together for 50+ years!

swooning over all things vintage and french here & here & here 
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