31 August 2011

Say something nice!

Hello, New York City. You old bat you.

Hello, Union Square, where I used to sit and eat Whole Foods brand cheerios out of the box, yell at the PETA volunteers, and go squirrel fishing. You never fail to disappoint me.


30 August 2011

inescapable sadness

Have you ever seen a sight so sad, so irredeemably pathetic and heartbreaking, as this?

A plant so determined to live and bear fruit that it has survived weeks upon weeks of neglect, nay a drop of water to be seen to moisten her cracked soil? A seedling I expected to somehow grow into a full-fledged, life-sustaining tomato plant that would provide for endless soups and sauces that I carelessly planted in a pot too small, barely 8 inches at its widest point; and still, she grows.

And I do not deserve the fruit she bears.

05 August 2011

What Posses Me: Part VI. Genius on loan.

Elizabeth Gilbert relays a truly inspiring message about the origins of creativity.

 Let us not be weighed down by the heavy thoughts of the responsibilities that come with housing creativity, and the duty to share it, but less us do as the Romans do (literally) and be awed by the sheer luck we posses as simple mortals to be able to have creativity and the divinity to create beautiful things be "on loan" to us. 

Check out her TED talk here.
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