29 December 2011

the after-christmas post

I feel like I've just woken up from a weeks worth of butter-and-sugar-induced hibernation. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is recovering from their own sugar-crashed states. Here is what I have been up to lately: 

Christmas shopping at the Gateway...
I love walking into the Union Pacific building 
and marveling at the height of the ceiling, 
and the echos of the black-and-white tiled floor.
Roasting chestnuts on Christmas night. 
Katenzunger edelbitter-schokolade...literally "cat's tongue chocolates!"
Christmas recovery in the form of questionable fiction for cold winter nights,
and treating myself to lunch at the Copper Onion. 
House-cured pickles to start. Brilliant. 
Scandinavian Christmas crafts...clove-scented oranges. 

19 December 2011

Walter, the weekend, and Kinfolk Vol. Two arrives.

My dearest pet Walter and his dear sleeping face.
Kinfolk Vol. Two arriving at just the right time--tea time!
My family isn't prone to low-blow insults and threatening with cookie platters...until the cards come out. 
Which they will. Oh, they will.
Christmas thanking me for existing to make cinnamon-cocoa cookies with chocolate chunks.
Sunday morning breakfast with Jess. 
My friends' darling babes::
Baby Kenlie. (Just a wee sap! Only one month old!)
And Baby Aurora. Melting at that smile!

11 December 2011

pre-finals week. note: photos do not contain stress.

Winter sunrises,
 holiday centerpiece at the UMFA, 
cozy flannel sheets in Scandinavian prints,
Mrs. Backer's Christmastime treats, 
scones for breakfast at the Tulie Bakery, 
crafting scrappy homemade wreaths, 
Wagamamas cookbook! Courtesy of dearest Rikki.

07 December 2011

what posses me VIII: when iceland comes a calling

If you have know me longer than, say,two seconds,
 you will know that the only place I have had on my mind for a 
long, long time is
Ask me about the Vikings, I dare you. 
I read Icelandic guide books for bedtime reading 
and keep Icelandic primers close at hand.
 I wish my last name ended with "dottir". 
So, because I love my Icelandic day dreams so much, 
I almost didn't want to share this. 
But, I did. 
Because I'm super nice. 

Inspired by Iceland is an initiative by the Icelandic government to encourage people ousted by Iceland

 fierce volcanoes to travel there regardless. Anyone remember Eyjafjallajökull? (Did anyone ever learn how to pronounce that?) I remember by plane to London almost being affected by Eyja-eff-me-kull, that's what I remember. 

05 December 2011

this past week

What I've been doing lately: 

Cramming for finals with cozy gingerbread tea, 
visiting the gorgeous lights on Temple Square, 
baking, (although the storm is yet to commence after finals are through) 
seeing Alta for the lovely ski resort it is. 

I am loving this Christmas season!

what posses me VII: when the cold feels precious and new

I love this photo from wit + delight's pintrest board. 

Here are some other favorite winter scenes gripping my imagination lately: 

 Black and white winter icicle-y wonderland! 

Something about cycling in the snow in Scandinavia really sets my heart a'fluttering! 
Photographers unknown.
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