20 June 2011

What Posses Me. Part IV. Dreaming of a Bluebell Forest.

Today, despite the chill in the air, the sun is hot, my wheatgrass and cucumber lemons are growing beautifully on my porch, and I am inside. Exhausted. Researching locations for study abroad adventures next summer. I came across this lovely little film by The Godfriod Brother's. I'm leaning heavily towards a summer in France or Belguim, if only to be near the idyllic Hallerbos! It's my dream to sit in this forest and marvel at the absolute beauty ever since I found a picture of these bluebells many months ago.

15 June 2011

What Posses Me. Part III. A few shots of a brief time in Paris.

One week ago last year, I was sunbathing in a glorious shimmering Paris- eating croissants and drinking espresso every morning, (my, what small coffees they have here!) spending the afternoons climbing the stairs up to the Sacre Coeur, and my evenings having quiet dinners in side street cafes. 

One (yester)day to the year, I was despondently making my last tube trip out of London after a rainy, yet unbelievably glorious, summer spent discussing Agnes Varda films around the cozy tables of the British Film Institute's cafe and trapezing around the quaint parks and high streets. 

Alas, after a brief summer at home in Salt Lake, (most just drinking iced tea, buying knick-knacks at the farmer's market, and reminiscing about our days in London) a disturbingly educational few months in Istanbul, and a quiet four months of reflection, wanderlust has struck me again. With a vengeance. Today, most of all, I am Paris dreaming, remembering the warm sunshine, my love of the French language, the food, and the winding streets of Montmartre.

Ah, Paris!
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