29 May 2011

Today I have been reacquainted with a previously dormant love.

I saw Les Miserables at the Capitol Theatre and was blown away. The effects, the voices, the story, the passion...I must re-read the book. The unabridged version.

Portrait of Cosette from the original edition of Les Miserables by Emilie Bayard 

What Posses Me (while I eat my Sunday morning cream scones) Part II

The English Countryside

Ightham Mote

Shaftsbury, Dorset, England 

15 May 2011

What Posses Me. Part I.

One day, after days of studying are gone and textbooks are my past and beauty is my future, I will see...

The Blue Forest (de Hallerbos, Dutch for Halle forest) in Halle, Belguim. The bluebells bloom for only a few weeks every spring, carpeting the forest floor and transforming it into a fantastical dream land. 

It is where fairies live.

08 May 2011

(Rubber) Duck Ponds + Orange Lipstick

A rainy day genius in her own right, Katie from colormekatie, a freelancing-interactive-artist-bombshell loving gave these rubber duckies new homes in muddy puddles. I find it such a simple way to spread cheer on rainy days like the one we're having on this grey Sunday in Salt Lake.

In other news; 
there has been a lot of discussion (and proclamations of love) about orange lipstick over at Julia Deno's blog The Cinnamon Rabbit. Julia is a phenomenally talented artist who recently illustrated the book Just Being Audrey. I read the book, and immediately fell in the love with the illustrations. It's exactly how I want my (future) children's book to look (when I get around to writing one). 

And in terms of orange lipstick, I stumbled upon the perfect shade a few mornings ago at a local cosmetics shop. It's a lip stain, (also a beautiful color on your cheeks, I particularly love it against my pale skin. No summer sun for me! No siree. SPF 50 all summer long) and therefore will not rub off on your new summery clothing. 

06 May 2011

A history of French children's literature and the illustrated water cycle: Histoire de Perlette

Histoire de Perlette Goute D'Eau (History of a Drop of Water) a 1936 children's book by French illustrator Béatrice Appia (1899-1998). It  tells the tale of a drop of water falling from a cloud, to earth, and back again. The illustrations are so unique and alluring. I wonder if I can find a copy of this on the French amazon website? 

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