31 March 2011

Scones: The Quest. Attempt #1: Currant and Orange Zest

Enjoy hot from the oven with butter and a cup of Yogi green tea!

In my fervent quest to satisfy my desire for the perfect scones reminiscent of the U.K., my kitchen has been transformed into my own SkonLab, a phonetic spelling of the pronunciation of the word, being "skon" in Britain as compared to the American "scone".

Attempt #1: Currant and Orange Zest

Dried currants are traditional fare for scones, easily substituted with dried cranberries, raisins, or cherries. I found my recipe via Martha Steward online (I know, the irony...) and can be found here. I used the entire 3 tablespoons of sugar in the batter and topped the pre-baked scones instead with raw cane sugar. I think it gives the scones a nicer crunch and sparkle. I also added about one teaspoon of orange zest and cut my scones into triangles instead of cutting them out with a round cookie cutter as Martha suggests. I just like triangle scones. I probably kneaded them just 2 minutes too long and would recommend minimal kneading or else the dough will be too stiff and the scones won't rise as much as they should.

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