25 April 2011

Susannah catches Royal Wedding Fever, among other things, (admit it--you have it, too) and her love of tea becomes kitsch. Part I.

Hello all. And welcome back from your Easter candy induced sugar coma. Today is a groggy one for all.

Less than one week to go until the much-anticipated Royal Wedding, and you can bet your knickers I will be one of the loony ladies up in the wee hours of the morning drinking William + Kate's bath water (a.k.a., kitschy tea featured above, isn't it a brilliantly tacky idea? You should see the other wedding memorabilia available online...) and watching the whole royal procession live. I don't know whatever I shall do when the wedding is over. I feel I've jumped on the royal wedding train a bit too late--all the Will + Kate books are checked out of the library and I missed the new cheesy Lifetime movie documenting their love story. American and British media outlets are going totally bonkers over the shindig, even the Weather Channel is covering the wedding! Truly an acceptable occasion for gossipy media.

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