30 August 2011

inescapable sadness

Have you ever seen a sight so sad, so irredeemably pathetic and heartbreaking, as this?

A plant so determined to live and bear fruit that it has survived weeks upon weeks of neglect, nay a drop of water to be seen to moisten her cracked soil? A seedling I expected to somehow grow into a full-fledged, life-sustaining tomato plant that would provide for endless soups and sauces that I carelessly planted in a pot too small, barely 8 inches at its widest point; and still, she grows.

And I do not deserve the fruit she bears.

1 comment:

  1. 2pac once compared himself to "a rose that grew from concrete" that many look upon to see a few fallen petals. He said that it's sad they see the fallen petals rather than the miraculous fact that it grew from concrete.


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