25 March 2012

Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins

Thank you, Joy the Baker. Thank you for existing. Thank you for creating these blueberry muffins so perfectly crafted with brown butter, the Goddess of all butters.

    I made these muffins at the beginning of my spring break last week. They were just the excuse I needed to not exercise and not leave my house 'cept for stocking up on baking ingredients. I did a lot of baking that week. Sometimes I wonder why I haven't dropped out of university yet to fly to Paris and enroll in pastry school. Heaven knows it's all my heart really wants. But the sensible part of my brain has insisted that I stay and finish my Linguistics degree. The unsensible part of my brain, the portion not wanting to run off to Paris, keeps tacking on new,  exciting minors, ensuring I never graduate and remain a professional student (bordering on spinster aunt/cat lady) forever. Pray this doesn't happen for real. I'm not going to be bashful about admitting that one of my listed hobbies would be "planning my school schedule." I'm sure my advisors are pretty tired of me asking if they know what the class schedule will look like for Fall 2014.

   Regardless of study stresses, whether or not you have them, whether or not you are a grown-up with a grown-up job, (what I wouldn't give for a sunny office as head librarian!) you should make these muffins. I promise they'll help wash down any Type-A control-freak issues you may be having.

I tweaked this recipe just a teeny tiny bit. I found the batter to need a good 1/3 cup more milk and the topping to need double the amount of butter, melted, not cold. I'll post said recipe later. For now, enjoy your Sunday morning!

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