26 February 2012

17 Steps to Having a Great Sunday Afternoon

1. Turn on the Joy the Baker podcast.
2. Be grateful for the unspoken, yet obvious, observations gleaned from listening to Joy the Baker, e.g., That Guys Don't Ask Girls Out Anymore (Joy the Baker podcast #38). Thank you, Joy and Tracy. Someone had to say it.
3. Destroy half of an old loaf of rosemary sourdough bread, e.g., turn it into breadcrumbs.
4. Toast the breadcrumbs in a 350 degree oven.
5. Notice very old bananas in fruit basket.
6. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip banana bread.
6 1/2. Contemplate whether "chocolate chip" should be hyphenated.
7. Become suddenly ravenous at the most inopportune time to become ravenous: 4:00 pm.
8. Notice stalk of brussel sprouts. Legit brussels sprouts, still on the stalk.

9. Annoy cat with said brussel sprout stalk.
10. Break out your new All-Clad pans you got at a screaming Williams-Sonoma sale by frying brussel sprouts in butter. Do not attempt to fry sprouts in olive oil or any low-fat alternatives. They are stupid.

11. Boil shrimps (the correct plural usage of "shrimp"). Take shells and leggys off shrimps. Add to pan.

12. Add leftover whole wheat penne pasta for quick fry-up.
12 1/4. Contemplate whether "whole wheat" should be hyphenated.
12 1/2. This leads to contemplations over all of life's many mysteries.

13. 4:15 pm. Eat.
14. 4:20 pm. Commend yourself for being so spontaneously brilliant in the kitchen.
15. Take a brief moment from your strenuous afternoon of being so brilliant by enjoying a cuppa of black currant tea and a slice (or two) of your banana bread.

16. Attempt to work on homework before the evening's cooking spree involving sourdough breadcrumbs (see steps #3 and #4) begins.
17. Steps to having a Great Sunday Evening to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Turn on Joy the Baker Podcast- #1 step to a great day any day :)


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