21 March 2012

happy spring & easy chopped garlic tutorial

 These lovelies are real. 

So are these. Real flowers for realsies. 

You are always welcome as long as there are fires to be had, tea to be sipped, fatty things to be baked. You offer a chance to reflect upon the year and excuses to sleep in. 
Buh-bye now. 

This is real, too. And lovely & easy. And convenient. And smelly. Here's the deal...

You: hate peeling and chopping garlic, nay despise it, 
but have an abundance of fresh garlic on hand
 left over from the summer farmers markets. 

What you are going to do is chop it up, 
chop all of it up, and drown it in olive oil. 

Put it in a nice glass jar. 
Refrigerate it.

     Don't skimp on the amount of garlic you get to peelin' and choppin'. You want to chop so much garlic that your hands will reek for days. That's how you know you've done a good job. And then at the end of your ordeal you can sit back and rest assured that you'll have fresh garlic
a'waiting your culinary imagination to spark without the hassle of preparing the cloves individually. 

You are welcome. 

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